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Dick Scott–Stewart Archive

About the Dick Scott Stewart Archive

The Dick Scott Stewart Archive houses Dick Scott Stewart's photographs taken from the mid 1960's until 2002. The collection are predominately black and white images. These are the ones represented on this site. The pictures are of people and places mainly in London and Great Britain and record aspects of three decades, the 70s, 80s and 90s. It is an impressive body of work containing many images of startling quality and distinction.

During his training Dick absorbed many of the influences and language of the great American and European photographers, and painters, and from there developed his own distinctive style. This not only uses the powerful possibilities of contrast in black and white photography "going for the black", and a painter's eye for composition, but also visible compassion and humour.

The Dick Scott-Stewart Archive was set up to preserve the negatives and original prints and to promoted Dick Scott-Stewart's contribution to photography. It aims to preserve the signature images alongside the sets of pictures that make up projects and narratives of their particular time.

A retrospective exhibition was set up at the 286 gallery in London in 2004. This year 2013 sees the publishing of four books available for purchase through this site and print on demand services. These books comprise of a general collection Dick Scott Stewart 'Photography', over a hundred great images taken from the collection. A book of portraits of homeless people, Dick Scott-Stewart 'The Gaze', shows the great dignity and presence in people living on the edge of society. Dick Scott-Stewart 'People and other Animals', is a book of portraits of well known people, unknown people and animals, a wry look at humanity Dick Scott-Stewart style. Dick Scott-Stewart 'Wrestling'' is a hilarious collection of pictures of wrestling at Battersea Arts Centre in London in the 1980s.

Dick Scott-Stewart in Other Collections

The collection of Dick Scott-Stewart's 1970s fairground pictures (in both black and white and colour), some five hundred images, can be found at the National Fairground Archive and the Museum of London houses examples of Dick's London gangs and street life in the 1980s


Please contact Mog Scott-Stewart with any questions or queries about the archive.